Share your news with ICTR Turbulence Community

Are you organizing a conference, a turbulence related event or simply have recently made a breakthrough discovery in the field of turbulent flows? Are you looking for an optimized way to announce this important news to the turbulence research community? Now EuHIT Portal lets you do just this! 

First of all, you need an ICTR account. Click Register to create a new account.
If you have an account here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Go to your Dashboard.

2. Click the blue 'Propose a news message' button.

3. Insert your message. Upload cover image.

4. Click Submit for Review.

5. After your message has been accepted it will be published on EuHIT Portal.


There are few things you should know about the messages on our Portal:

1. Each news message generates its own Portal page. It can be accessed by clicking the title of this message.

2. In order to define what content will be displayed on the EuHIT Portal (news highlight) and what will be displayed on the message page use the page break tool from the edition toolbar. Everything above the page break will be displayed in the highlight while everything below will be the content of the message page.

3.  It is nice to have a cover image. You can upload it during the message creation. The cover images have fixed size 400 px x 150 px.