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ICTR Constitution

Article 1: The Collaboration

ICTR is comprised of groups. The collaboration itself is the ultimate authority on all matters. It should set general policies and the outline of the physics program. It can involve itself in any details it wishes, but normally will delegate responsibility to people filling the various leadership roles and to committees. 

Article 2: Chair and Vicechair (term = 1year)

The nominal “leader” of the group. The person who has the responsibility to be concerned with all aspects of the ICTR endeavor. The contact point with the external world. The focal point for long range planning and for all collaborators with ideas, complaints, etc. The organizer and chairman of the monthly ICTR seminar series and two yearly ICTR workshops. 

Article 3: Experiment Coordinator (term = 1year)

This is the person responsible for keeping an up-to-date overview of the facilities available at the different ICTR labs and to plan together with ICTR the acquisition of new instruments. 

Article 4: Software and CFD numerical coordinator ( term = 1 year)

Coordinates the activity of CFD and software development and maintenance. Takes care of traceability of numerical codes. 

Article 5. Membership and Nominating Committee

The Committee is composed of the Chair the Vicechair and 4 persons. New committee members are elected by the groups of ICTR. The term of appointment will be rotating, two years, to insure continuity of membership criteria. The committee also nominates candidates for leadership positions. [See appendix I for the procedures and criteria.] 

Article 6. Publications

Before publication under the auspices of ICTR, manuscripts are to be uploaded to the ICTR website with an automatic notification of the members. Comments and suggestions given by the ICTR members within a week should be considered by the author(s) and possibly incorporated. The use of the ICTR affiliation lies within the responsibility of the author(s). 

Article 7. ICTR Workshops (as needed, but nominally every 6 months)

These are the vehicle for developing the intermediate term research program. The workshops are to be scheduled around larger fluid dynamics meetings usually of interest to the members of ICTR.

Article 8. ICTR Seminars (as needed, but nominally every 4 weeks)

These are the seminars on communicating the science within ICTR including technical details etc. They are broadcasted per teleconference systems and webcast. 

Article 9. Other Committees

Specific committees may play an important role. The Collaboration will establish or recognize new committees as the need arises 

Appendix I: Procedure for Adding New Members to ICTR

The Membership and Nominating Committee evaluates the credentials of prospective groups and discourages obvious mismatches to ICTR. It will make a decision on groups it feels should be selected for membership in ICTR. Notifies the Collaboration of groups that have formally applied for admission to ICTR. 

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